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‘I decided to put it to the test. We had a cage containing a mother mouse and baby mice with a liner of wood fibre. I left wood fibre with a nest of young mice in it on one side and put Cotton N Card on the other side. During the night, the mother built a new nest in the Cotton N Card and moved all her babies across in her mouth.’
Wendy in Nijkerk

‘It’s perfect. You can use it outdoors too, and it’s extremely pet-friendly.’
Vets in The Hague

‘The best liner I have ever come across. Pets really like Cotton N Card. It is a cheap and healthy product. The hutch is dry, clean and doesn’t smell. You don’t have to change the liner as often. And it even looks attractive too.’
Pet shop in Zandvoort

‘Even my chickens love it. For them, a coop containing Cotton N Card is paradise.’
Lisette in Voorthuizen

‘Super stuff, great for the kittens too.’
Amanda in Haarlem

‘Dry, clean surface, need to change the liner less often and … the animals love to lie on it. If you just change the liner in the corner where they do their business regularly, several rabbits can use it for three weeks.’
Pet shop in Voorthuizen

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