Cotton N Cotton

A wonderfully soft liner for rabbits and rodents
Cotton N Cotton is made from cottonseed fibres. This produces a wonderfully soft liner in which your pet can build a comfortable nest. The material also promotes animals’ natural behaviour. For example, they can dig tunnels and burrows and romp around in it.

The advantages of Cotton N Cotton

Use Cotton N Cotton for a fit and happy pet, because this liner:

  • is ultra-soft, warm and comfortable
  • always remains clean and dry
  • is dust-free and healthy
  • prevents lung problems and irritation of eyes and skin and of the soles of your pet’s feet
  • offers natural protection, and opportunities to play, dig tunnels, hide and build nests

Cotton N Cotton is pleasant and healthy for owners too, because this liner:

  • makes your animal happy
  • is animal-friendly, which means it is also good for your wallet: you save on vet bills
  • keeps the animal’s accommodation dry, clean, dust-free and odour-free
  • is attractively priced and lasts a long time: you don’t have to change the liner as often
  • is 100% natural, sustainable and reduces your impact on the environment
  • can be put in the green waste after use

How to use Cotton N Cotton

Cotton N Cotton for rabbits and rodents
The thicker the layer of Cotton N Cotton, the better it works. But even a hutch or cage with a layer just 8 to 10 centimetres deep will remain clean and dry for a long period. Depending on the animal, you should change the liner every ten days.

Cotton N Cotton in a birdcage
Put a layer Cotton N Cotton two to three centimetres deep in the birdcage and press down lightly. Regularly change the liner. Please note: Cotton N Cotton is not suitable for canaries.

Money back guarantee

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