Cotton N Card

The number 1 liner for rabbits and rodents
Cotton N Card has been tested in thirty pet shops. The owners of those shops believe there is no better product in terms of price, effectiveness and ease of use. Cotton N Card is the number 1 liner!

If your pet could choose, it would choose Cotton N Card, because:

  • it’s soft, warm and comfortable
  • it’s ultra-absorbent, so the hutch or cage always remains clean and dry
  • it’s dust-free and healthy
  • it prevents lung issues and irritation of eyes and skin and paw issues
  • it offers natural protection and promotes playfulness, tunnel digging, hiding and nesting

Owners will also prefer and benefit from Cotton N Card as it:

  • keeps your pet happy
  • is pet-friendly, which means it is also good for your wallet: you save on vet bills
  • keeps the animal’s accommodation dry, clean, dust-free and odour-free
  • is attractively priced and lasts a long time: you don’t have to change the liner as often
  • is sustainable and reduces your impact on the environment
  • can be put in the green waste after use

No more odours in your home, and it’s affordable too
Cotton N Card absorbs up to six times more than wood fibre and is twice as strong as hemp. As a result, Cotton N Card is much better at preventing smells and keeps the hutch or cage moisture-free. And it is affordable too because it lasts longer, which means you don’t have to change the liner as often.

Remove smells and moisture in three steps
Cotton N Card consists of three components which each have their own absorption rates. As a result, the liner is able to absorb odours and moisture quickly and for longer periods of time.

  1. Small pieces of cardboard absorb moisture quickly.
  2. Small pieces of egg box absorb moisture at a slightly slower rate.
  3. Pressed cottonseed absorbs moisture slowly and draws the moisture from the other two components.

Cotton N Card is composed of environmentally-friendly materials: cardboard, egg boxes and cottonseed. The cardboard comes from residues from cardboard production and the pieces of egg box are a by-product from egg box production. This means that after use, you can simply dispose of Cotton N Card with your green waste.

How to use Cotton N Card

Cotton N Card for rabbits and rodents
The thicker the layer of Cotton N Card, the better it works. But even a hutch with a layer 6 to 8 centimetres deep will remain clean and dry for a long period. You can also choose to simply replace the liner every two or three days in the spot where the animal does it business. In this way, Cotton N Card will last for three weeks.

Cotton N Card in a birdcage
Put a layer Cotton N Card two to three centimetres deep in the birdcage and press down lightly. Regularly change the liner. Please note: Cotton N Card is not suitable for canaries.

Money back guarantee

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