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For fit and happy pets
When it comes to rabbits and rodents, a liner is the basis of animal welfare, both literally and metaphorically – because what lies on the bottom of the hutch or cage affects their health, comfort, playfulness and other behaviour. So make sure you use the best product for your hamster, guinea pig, tame rat or rabbit. Why are Cotton N Card and Cotton N Cotton the best choice?

Cotton N Card and Cotton N Cotton prevent health problems
These liners are dust-free, soft and absorbent. They prevent lung issues and irritation of eyes and skin as well as paw issues. And because they absorb moisture extremely well, your hutch or cage will always remain dry. As a result, there is much less chance of your pet becoming ill.

Cotton N Card and Cotton N Cotton promote natural playfulness and other behaviour
These liner types form a layer in which animals can romp around, dig tunnels, hide and make nests. They are able to behave as they would in nature, and that makes them happy.

Cotton N Card and Cotton N Cotton offer protection and comfort
Pet feel safe and comfortable in this soft material. These liners insulate well, stay dry, prevent unpleasant smells and give your pet protection.

The dangers of using traditional liners: what not to use?

  • Sawdust/woodchips. These materials can cause lung issues, irritation of eyes and skin as well as paw issues, liver disorders and other problems.
  • Hard grains like cat litter, because they increase the risk of damage to and irritation of your pet’s paws, and they offer no warmth or nesting material.
  • Straw, because it can cause lung problems and irritate eyes and skin.

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