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An animal-friendly liner for rabbits and rodents
We all want the best for our pets. And that starts with the basics: comfortable accommodation and a good liner. But what is a good liner for a cage or hutch? To answer this question, you need to know what is best for the animal.

The healthy alternative
Did you know that many popular liner types are unhealthy for animals and people? Sawdust, for example, looks clean and smells nice. But looks can be deceiving: sawdust isn’t good for you or your pet. Are you looking for a liner that is? Then try a healthy alternative that will also last longer: Cotton N Card or Cotton N Cotton.

For happy pets and owners
Why choose Cotton N Card or Cotton N Cotton?

  • Virtually dust-free, which means animals and their owners are less likely to suffer from an allergic reaction.
  • Avoids irritation of eyes and skin as well as paw issues.
  • Warm, soft and comfortable: nice to play and build nests in.
  • Good absorption for a dry cage or hutch without odours.
  • Affordable: these liner materials are attractively priced and last longer.

Tip: also for birdcages
Do you have large birds? Cotton N Card and Cotton N Cotton are also very well suited as liner for birdcages.

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